About us

Supplying a huge range of replacement lighting for domestic home, commercial and equipment. We have a large inventory of both modern and old hard to find stock. We specialise in providing the right specific light bulbs and lamps for a wide range of machinery and equipment for all industries. From incandescent and halogen to LED. Decorative and practical lighting. As well as our massive range of high quality coloured light bulbs that can be used to create a unique look. So we are here to help you find the right light bulb that you need for a new look or just to replace an old lamp that you already have.

All the products we supply are high quality from top brands. We ship worldwide and ensure all items leave our warehouses packaged safe and securely in order to arrive to you in perfect condition.

Our passion for lighting has allowed us to build a large catalogue and supply of new old stock which is important when it comes finding the lamp you need to keep that vintage projector running or the old set of Christmas lights lit. Which just wouldn’t be the same if they were replaced with their modern led equivalent.

As well as supplying practical lighting we have worked with many designers and manufacturers to help source and create unique lighting for set design projects and commercial settings that require special lighting for both indoor and outdoor displays.

We have a team of experts so if you’re stuck finding the light bulb you need, get in touch and we will be here to help.